Cyfarfod Llawn Cyngor Bro:  5 Ragfyr 2023 am 19:00yh yn y Neuadd Goffa

Pwyllgor Cyllid

The Committee met in January to discuss and decide the funding for 2023-2024, the recommendation will be before the full Council in March 2023 ready by the financial year 2023-24. We are now in process of looking at the 2024/25 budget and the way forward, tough times ahead for us all. If you would like to attend any meetings, please feel free to pop into the Memorial Hall.

Cofnodion Cyfarfodydd

Dyddiad Teitl Lleoliad Cofnodion
10/10/2023 Pwyllgor Cyllid 10.10.2023 Neuadd Goffa Lawrlwytho  
11/07/2023 Pwyllgor Cyllid Neuadd Goffa Lawrlwytho  
10/01/2023 Cof Pwyllgor Cyllid 10fed Ionawr Neuadd Goffa Lawrlwytho  
11/10/2022 Cof Cyllid Hydref 2022 Neuadd Goffa Lawrlwytho  
12/07/2022 Cofnodion Cyllid Mehefin 2022 Neuadd Goffa Lawrlwytho  
17/05/2022 Cofnodion Cyllid Mai 2022 Neuadd Goffa Lawrlwytho  
07/01/2022 Cyllid Zoom Lawrlwytho  
15/10/2019 Cofnodion Pwyllgor Cyllid Neuadd Goffa Lawrlwytho  

Aelodau'r Pwyllgor

Cyng. Gareth Cemlyn Jones


Cyng. R.Meirion Jones


Cyng. Alun Jones


Cyng. Gwynfor Parry


Cyng. Stephen Edwards


Cyng. John Roberts


Dr. Ifor Gruffydd


Cyng. Medwyn Roberts