Full Community Council Meeting:  5th Dec 2023 @ 19:00pm Memorial Hall

Full Community Council

Once a month, last Tuesday of every month all members will meet up at the Memorial Hall for the monthly full Community Council meeting. Warm welcome to any member of the public, would like to attend as a spectator with no input. Thank you

Meeting Minutes

Date Title Location Minutes
27/02/2024 Full Council Meeting – 27.02.2024 Memorial Hall Download  
24/10/2023 Full Council Meeting Memorial Hall Download  
03/10/2023 Full Council Meeting Memorial Hall Download  
30/05/2023 (Cymraeg) Cyngor Bro Ebrill 2023 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
04/04/2023 (Cymraeg) Cof Cyngor Bro Chwefror 2023 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
07/02/2023 (Cymraeg) Cof Cyngor Bro Rhagfyr 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd goffa Download  
24/01/2023 (Cymraeg) Cof Cyngor Bro Ionawr 2023 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
25/10/2022 (Cymraeg) Cof Cyngor Bro Hydref 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
27/09/2022 (Cymraeg) Cof Medi 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
26/07/2022 (Cymraeg) Cof Cyngor Gorffennaf 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
28/06/2022 (Cymraeg) Cyngor Bro Mehefin 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
24/05/2022 (Cymraeg) Cyngor Bro Mai 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
26/04/2022 (Cymraeg) Cyngor Bro Ebrill 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
29/03/2022 (Cymraeg) Cyngor Bro Mawrth 2022 (Cymraeg) Neuadd Goffa Download  
22/02/2022 (Cymraeg) Cof Cyngor Bro Chwefror 2022 Download  
14/12/2021 December Minutes Download  
26/10/2021 Community Council 15.12.2020 On line Download  
(Cymraeg) Cof Cyngor Bro 1af Chwefror 2022 (Cymraeg) Zoom Download